What is a Natural Exfoliation?

A natural exfoliation is a natural facial. Clay and water are combined to create a cream. The cream is spread over the area to be treated. Using only the fingertips the clay is moved around using a featherlike touch. As the clay begins to penetrate the skin, the dead cells are loosened and roll off the skin. There are no machines, chemicals, or peels used in this procedure. The entire treatment takes one hour and 15 minutes and when the client is done they leave with baby cells forming.

This treatment is especially helpful for those with acne, rosacea, or receiving treatment for cancer. It can also be used by people on Retin-A, Renova , or Accutane with no adverse effects. The skin will be left glowing – no redness or downtime ever.

The public as well as skin care professionals have decidedly grown tired of using aggressive peels and treatments which are harsh to the skin. Also there is a general consensus that natural products are what people want. The natural clay used for the Natural Exfoliation treatment has no additives and is simply clay, which contains no sulfur, it only has natural minerals.

One of the greatest advantages of the Native American Exfoliation is that the client’s neck; décolleté, lips and the eyes and surrounding area can also be treated.