Revive Your Scalp In September!

The Tiger's Eye Skincare's Indian Clay Masque is a healing process that

contains rich minerals of natural clay from a Native American tribe. If you

suffer from eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis or dandruff you will greatly

benefit from this unique process which removes dead cells, while nourishing

and hydrating the scalp. The masque also treats bad skin burns and

blistered skin.

The clay masque is first applied directly to the scalp and then distributed

through your hair. The clay also acts as a deep clarifier. Relax for 45-60

minutes while the clay deeply penetrates your scalp and tresses. A

shampoo rinse concludes the treatment, leaving your hair manageable and

soft. $50 (reg. $60)


Call us today at 916-988-4973 to schedule your appointment!



Terms and Conditions:
*Discounted prices expire 9/30/18
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